26 March 2022
Good Friday doubles competition, Caerleon

Ukraine Appeal Doubles Competition 16th April (Good Friday) 2022

This was the idea of Tansy Mayfield but, unfortunately, she could not attend to organise it as she was housebound with Covid!
However, it went ahead using Tansy’s organisational paperwork, and thanks to Caerleon P.C. for offering their terrain and preparing it for the event to make it a great day for all competitors - win or lose. The sun came out and 24 doubles teams competed throughout the day over 5 matches.

Thanks to BIG and other Welsh teams who supported and special thanks to our two teams from over the water for travelling to play - Lesley and Costa from Devon and Barry and Pat from Filton, Bristol.

Thanks also to Caerleon players Babs, Jackie, Gareth and Caerleon secretary Dave for organising a raffle and a “Throw the egg in a box” competition in the lunch break.

The final sum of money has yet to be counted but it is over £600!

A final thanks to all who donated on the day and for donations outside the playing group - we even had £40 from 2 couples in Tenerife!


There was a play-off of one end for the top two as their scores were identical.

5 Wins
1st Wheatsheaf A, Roger and Basil +32pts
2nd Filton, Barry and Pat +32pts
3rd Twyn-y-Ffrwd, Jim and Steve +25pts

4 Wins

4th Caerleon, Kon and Babs +28pts
5th Sully, Gareth and Len +20pts
6th Devon, Lesley and Costa +15pts
7th Caerleon, Ian and Tania +13pts
8th Pontyclun, Mel and Derek +5pts

3 Wins

9th Caerleon, Dave and Ray +18pts
10th Pontyclun, John and Stewart +15pts
11th Wheatsheaf B, Hugh and Gail +13pts
12th Caerleon, Dave and Wally +8 pts
13th Pontyclun, Derek and Aid +5pts

2 Wins

14th White Hart, Sam and Paul +7pts
15th Caerleon, Ray and Jackie -3pts
16th Pilcs, Chris and Karen -18pts

1 Win

17th Ponthir Sharks, Andy and Simon -17pts
18th Nobby and Gareth -22pts
19th Dick and Marilyn -24pts
20th Red Lion, Caroline and Liz -29pts

0 win

21st Ponthir Sports A, Steve and Mark/Shun -22pts
=22nd Greyhound, John and Sheila -25pts
=22nd Caerleon, Lesley and Graham -25pts
24th Ponthir Sports B, Lorraine and Billy

John (Shun) Price

Chairman BIG league

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