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The end of season results for 2021 are now available.
Only one game in division 2 remains to be played (Covid).

The league secretary's summary for the season can be found by clicking Here.

Chairman's Clarification concerning substitutions

Subs are allowed in matches but must be declared before any play commences. The changes must then take place. It is therefore possible for a complete four player change for the second game.
For the away team no player can play two games on the same piste.

Message from the League Secretary

We have been asked to clarify the policy on promotion and relegation. The number of promotion places is fixed as a guaranteed minimum of 2, but may be extended if the overall number of teams in each division changes at the start of the following season. There are no fixed places for relegation, even though there may be references during the season to teams “fighting relegation”.  This will be determined at the start of the following season as part of the annual review of the league structure.

Clarification of playing regulations

  • Throwing the coch: This year two new rules concerning throwing the coch at the start of an end have become law. The distance has not been changed and is still between 6 and 10 metres. However, it is now allowed to be in play as long as it doesn’t fully cross the sidelines (similar to throwing your boules). Also it is still in play up to a ½ metre from the end of the piste.
  • A minor addition to the league's Rules of Engagement is described on the Constitution and Rules of Engagement page. It concerns matches that are abandoned while play is in progress.
  • Position of the CIRCLE during play: The team starting the game can place the circle as they want as long as it is at least 1 metre from the back line and ½ metre in from the sides. For the start of the following ends the circle is to be placed over the coch in the position where it finished the last end. It can be moved directly back from this spot but not forward or to the sides. Adhere to start rules if it goes out of bounds or move it to ½ metre in if it is too close to the sides.

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The Welsh Pétanque Association information concerning Covid-19.
Read the details by clicking here.

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General enquiries

Enquiries concerning membership of the league or the activities of the league should be addressed to the club secretary, Robin or to the club chairman, Shun. They can be contacted via the CONTACT US page or by sending an e-mail to


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Pairs competition at the greyhound: see report.

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